For Your Health Care: Take It One Day At A Time


There is nothing wrong with continuously making progress and trying your best to be productive every time. Honestly, it can be an excellent start to a more fulfilling career, relationship, and life.

But working on your desire runs in a stringent process, and it won’t just result successfully. Sometimes, it can result in unexpected things, as well. Therefore, you can never rush it. You might want to take things one at a time.

Overall Health Matters

The reason why you need to take a break from time to time is not to get rid of the emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion. Honestly, it is about the increase in these aspects to allow you to function twice as much you can handle.

Yes, a pause from doing something so draining can help you maintain balance. That is the reason why you often need to practice it, especially on occasions that you feel pressured, depressed, and anxious. Life can give you extreme scenarios, which can sometimes become too much to handle.


There is this natural impulse that you may encounter every time you experience failure, loss, and agitation. It crawls inside you and often creates a distraction for you not able to think accordingly. Why? Because there is stress everywhere, and most times, it is not helping you at any cost.

With the process of taking things one day at a time, it reminds you that your enemy is not entirely the world. Instead, you are facing the worst of yourself for that matter. You are battling with your hopes and difficult emotions that your life stressor tends to bring. Admit it. In times of pressure, you try to limit your capacity in doing and completing things to the horizon of the day. You regret wasting time because you feel you can do more in the span of a night.

The truth is, you can’t, and you will never can. The more you glide yourself and force it to do more in a short period is not at all beneficial for your overall development. You are only trying to expand the agony of your physical, emotional, and mental states.

Think About This

Yes, it is always okay to think positive and trust yourself with your abilities. However, you have to understand that knowing your limits is also essential for your growth and health. Remember that improvement seems best achieved when you managed not to force-fitting things in a small box and that a productive mood still requires a quiet and peaceful horizon.


It is not that accessible to ward off the temptation of mania and rage and jump into moderate steadfast. Of course, some people might handle that, but not all appear blessed with that kind of potential.

Even that is not a sweet escape. But if you managed to take things one day at a time very carefully, you will make ends meet. That is a guaranteed method of keeping your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental strength functioning in the right positions.

Psychologists Approve: Know 2 Outstanding Businessmen In Different Parts Of The Globe And Get Inspired By Them


Psychologists tend to say that we need people who can set a positive example in our lives. Some folks interpret it by thinking that only their friends and family members are all they need, though. In truth, even the individuals you have not rubbed elbows with can be your role models. Think of these two outstanding businessmen in different parts of the globe, for instance.

Marc Sparks: More Than Just A Serial Entrepreneur

Marc Sparks is one of the select individuals on the planet who has shown through his relentless perseverance and willingness to acquire new ideologies that a person’s success does not entirely depend on his or her educational attainment.

Growing Up Years

Austin, Texas is a dear place for Marc Sparks for this is where he was raised and had simultaneously received his high school diploma in 1975 and began to lead or create new businesses. Even though not all of these initial startups were profitable, more than three decades already passed since then, and those failures made up the whole formula that resulted to the achievements that he is and will be experiencing.

His Companies

Marc Sparks deserves to be called as a serial entrepreneur since his innate brilliance has led him to own various companies that remain to do well for years. The first one, the Timber Creek Capital, was established in  2000. This is a private equity firm whose specialty is offering entrepreneurial aid to a wide range of industries. The services that they can deliver include (but are not limited to) web development, graphic design, bookkeeping, office equipment, and marketing.

From Timber Creek Capital’s conception, Marc Sparks continued to purchase or build notable firms. Some of the companies that are associated with him are:

  • Splash Media, which specializes in providing marketing services that make use of technological advancements, as well as a search engine, optimized keywords;
  • Cobalt Real Estate Services, which offers commercial and residential spaces within the state of Texas;
  • Blue Jays Wireless whose ultimate focus is on giving people with credit card issues the opportunity to call and text others through prepaid devices; and
  • Cardinal Telecom, LLC, which distributes mobile phones nationwide.

Besides, a couple of his latest businesses are the Bonn Oir, a manufacturing company that creates artisan vodka, and Uncle Marc Food Delivery that aims to help restaurants bring their consumers’ orders faster.


His Philanthropy

As a self-made entrepreneur, Marc Sparks ensures to share his blessings to the underprivileged, especially in Texas where The Samaritan Inn, a shelter that caters to homeless people, lies. He also helps send individuals who want to change their lives for the better in school and is humbled whenever the news about the great kind of life they are leading reaches him.

Moreover, Marc Sparks is deeply committed to the Habitat for Humanity and the American Can! Academy. He has personally exerted time and effort in building houses for the former while giving support to the latter in any way he can. Marc has a foundation as well that is known as Sparky’s Kids, and its role in the community is to provide thousands of computers to impoverished children.

How Vijay Eswaran Succeeded with QI Group

Business hardships can take any man down, but not Vijay Eswaran, an entrepreneur originating from India who has embraced all the rough roads in his entrepreneurial journey without stopping and been given the CEO of the Year award by the Malaysian Business Awards (MBA) in 2013.

What Is QI Group?

QI Group of Companies is a business empire that Vijay Eswaran has created along with a few skilled partners, and they have institutions located in various parts of the Asia-Pacific region. The kind of services that the corporation offers touches a wide range of industries for the reason that they started with direct selling and moved on to add logistics, financial management, luxurious accessories, real estate, and leisure in the fray. Now, they even have their university in Malaysia which they are planning to be the start of the QI City that makes eco-friendly transportation, among other things, available to its inhabitants.


How Did He Build The QI Group?

According to Vijay, the company could not have been made possible without the backing of real people whose business ideals were the same as his. At the time, he did not have enough funds to begin his entrepreneurial journey, and all he had was the support of his wife. The partnership he had allowed the direct selling concept to kick off, and it paved the way towards where he and his corporation is currently standing in.

What Makes Him Successful?

Apart from the right business choices he makes, Vijay Eswaran’s kindness to his employees is paying off well. Based on an interview he gave to a publication, he lives by the words that his father taught him as a kid – “Service about self.” This is what he has implemented within the offices and ingrained in the workers’ hearts and minds so that even though they are managing multinational establishments, it is as if they are still handling a small company where everyone knows and has mutual respect. He dedicated the achievement that he received from the MBA three years back to all the people he’s working with and said that his success is as good as theirs.

Final Thoughts

Marc Sparks and Vijay Eswaran may be playing in different fields, but there’s no hiding the truth that they are both hugely successful businessmen. It will be great if you can learn from them and start fulfilling your career goals. Good luck!

How Can A Therapist Help The Elderly In Their Golden Years

Most people nowadays live in a youthful-obsessed environment where the young or how to be young is the priority. Even in the field of mental health, experts focus on the effects of mental health conditions in young ones because adults can already handle themselves. However, studies show that adults – even those who already entered their golden years – also suffer the effects of mental health and need therapist as much as the young ones do.

Mental Health Concerns As You Age

Adults approaching their “Golden Years” have different perspectives when it comes transitioning from their adult life to their senior experience. Some are excited to retire, meet their future grandchildren, or relax and enjoy the rest of their lives with the people they love. On the other hand, some adults who enter their golden years don’t have the same optimism. They often feel burdened and not yet ready for retirement, have difficulty in finding the right kind of activity to make their time worthwhile, or they have several medical conditions, including mental health concerns to deal.


Mental health issues always connect to the younger people in this modern age. People often think that since adults already have a lot of experiences in life, they already know how to deal with every kind of problem. However, this is a pure misconception as adults also experience mild mental decline as they grow older, and they can also experience the stress common to all everyone. These are the mental health concerns experienced by adults:

  • Dementia

Dementia is a condition, usually chronic or progressive, in which the patient experiences deterioration in thinking, memory, and ability to perform specific tasks and activities. This illness leads to significant impairment function and may influence the development of other mental health conditions.

  • Depression

Depression is a frequent yet severe condition which causes great suffering, feeling of sadness, emptiness that lasts for an extended period. It can also impair a person’s daily life as it can affect energy, appetite, sleep, interest in work or activities, hobbies, even relationships.

  • Anxiety

Anxiety is another condition that often affects adults. This condition can mean nervousness, worry, or self-doubt. This condition is sometimes easy to spot, but in some other times, it is not because everyone feels the same kind of anxiety every once in a while. But if the fear is recurring, overwhelming, or attacking out of nowhere, can also affect a person profoundly.



  • Paranoia

This is a condition where a person is suspicious of another person or with his or her surroundings. It is a belief that a person is under attack even though there is no evidence to prove so. The person may believe, another individual or group is acting against him or her. The person who experiences paranoia may exaggerate the likelihood of risks and feel that there is a need for increased caution – all the time. There is also mistrust everywhere as there is a feeling of betrayal from everyone.

How Can A Therapist Help


The therapist can be of great help when a person feels or have any mental health issue. They can help adults if they experience difficulty in transitioning to their busy life to retirement life. They can also guide them on handling their emotions, different life situations like passing on of a family member, finding new sources of enjoyment, and looking for further support systems.

The therapist can also help seniors regain the things they missed out in their lives. They help them gain their independence back if there are instances that they find it hard to do their daily activities. They provide various education, exercise, and rehabilitation techniques that encourage relearning, re-strengthening, and improving necessary motor skills. They also help them to adjust to any kinds of struggles they might face due to temporary or even permanent disabilities through the facilities they have in the comforts of their homes. You can read also a similar article in an online resource like Family Education.

Besides helping in the physical and emotional aspect, of course, the therapist also helps in the mental aspect of the patient. They provide support in enlightening patients on how to have a positive outlook in life as well as help those who tend to have a problem in terms of their memory. They provide different exercises that enhance the minds of the patients.


Like in love, in mental health, age doesn’t matter. Everyone can experience these conditions and have difficulty living their lives if they continue to carry the burden. The good thing – there is always someone to count on besides friends and family as a therapist. So don’t be afraid to consult or talk to one as they can be a huge help with the burden you or your loved one must be feeling right now.

Why We Should Spend Quality Time With Our Aging Parents



I guess all of us would agree that as we age, we begin to notice that our parents yearn for attention from us – they need our attention more and more each day. Remember when we were teenagers? It seemed like anything that they did or said annoyed us. As for me, I couldn’t wait to graduate high school so I could get out of the house. My family was not my priority when I was younger.


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Hobbies That Are Good For Your Mental Health

It isn’t easy to have a balanced life. School, work, and house chores can be tiring, and you still have to make time for your friends. However, it’s also important to make time for yourself. Hobbies are a great way to get the necessary “me” time and de-stress. Not only that, but they also help maintain positive mental health.

Let’s take a look at what specific activities you can take up to promote mental wellness.



When life gets too loud, reading is a great way to get quiet time. For a moment, everything is about you and the book. It provides you with a sense of calmness and tranquility.

Reading is great for your mental health as it strengthens your mental capacity. Reading stimulates your brain, improves your memory, and even helps with creativity and imagination. It makes you think as you use your mind to turn the words into scenes in your head.

Similarly, reading can help you understand your emotions better. It’s true that there is wisdom in books. You get to read about and learn from the experiences of other people. After this, you can apply what you have learned from them in your own life.



Put on those dancing shoes because this activity helps make you happier in life. Dancing can also be a form of release as it converts stress into movement and translates emotions to match the dance.

Dancing also keeps your mind healthy. A neuroscientist at Columbia University came up with a theory that dancing creates a “pleasure double play.” First, the music played stimulates the rewards center in the brain. Second, the physical act of dancing then activates our motor and sensory circuits. When dancing, you activate parts of your brain that are responsible for coordination, control, and balance. These all keep your mind active.

Additionally, dancing has always been a social activity. Dancing is used to get to know acquaintances at parties, celebrate achievements, and even court a lover. Thus, dancing can help us connect with others. Given that humans are social beings, this can provide us with much-needed socialization with friends and like-minded individuals.

Running And Walking

When you go outside early in the morning, it isn’t uncommon to see people jogging around the neighborhood or the park. It isn’t just good for your lungs and heart; it’s also good for your brain.


Because running requires you to get out of the house, exposure to the outdoors helps rid the risk of depression and anxiety. Exposure to the sun gets you vitamin D, which helps fight off seasonal depression. In a Stanford study, researchers found that those who took walks in forested areas would show happier emotions because there is reduced activity in the area of the brain that connects to negative feelings, in contrast to those who spent time in urban areas.


Take a break from selfies and point that camera elsewhere. Photography is a hobby that boosts creativity as well as your mental well-being. Looking through the lens of a camera challenges you to view things differently. Frame the world in a certain way, and you’ll see that it’s not as bleak as everyone says.

Reading, dancing, running, and taking photographs are just a few of those hobbies that are good for you. These not only lift your mood but also work on a neurological level.

There are other activities out there that can also contribute to positive mental health. So get out there and take up a hobby. You never know: it could be the key to unlocking greater happiness in your life.

Love Defeated My Stress – Caring For Mom With Alzheimer’s

I grew up with just my mom on my side.  We used to run around, play hide and seek, go for a walk around the park, go shopping, cook, and more.   We used to do almost everything together.  But time flew so fast.  I finished school and had to work overseas.  I came back after two years to get married and had to be away again to raise a family of my own.  We used to see each other often. Either she visits us, or we visit her.  It’s a must that she comes on every special occasion – birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.



Discover The Entrepreneur In You

Life just has so many twists and turns.  You need to be creative and courageous to come out on the other side alive.

No one has an idea what life would bring, do you? But whatever life gives, we must be ready.   When life throws a lemon at me, I’m thankful I got lemons.  I can make some lemonade out of it, and if I have some more left, I can take tequila shots (just kidding).



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How To Still Have Health Insurance Even If You’re Unemployed

When you become out of work, it’s not just the paycheck you worry about.  Your health insurance will also be one of your biggest concerns.  To have a health insurance is essential.  No one wants to be sick nor planned to be.  But maintaining health insurance protects you from the unexpected.