Discover The Entrepreneur In You

Life just has so many twists and turns.  You need to be creative and courageous to come out on the other side alive.

No one has an idea what life would bring, do you? But whatever life gives, we must be ready.   When life throws a lemon at me, I’m thankful I got lemons.  I can make some lemonade out of it, and if I have some more left, I can take tequila shots (just kidding).


Most single-mom entrepreneurs like me end up becoming more and more creative for we have to make both ends meet.   At the same time, we must have time to take care of our kiddos.   We venture into businesses which usually started as a hobby.  Some go into artsy crafts, cooking, baking, and more.  Some even ended up becoming writers, publishing their books.  Not just single moms, but all of us can be entrepreneurs.

I, for instance, love baking and growing plants.  These are my products which I ended up selling online.  I do make decent money out of my hobby.  Making it into business is just like a weird idea at first.  I never thought I would come to meet that entrepreneur side of me.

Want to discover yours, too?

The Main Ingredient, Your Idea!

Why did I say everyone can be an entrepreneur?  Simply, because everyone has an idea in their mind.  I think even the laziest person who just spends all his time lying around is thinking of wanting to do something.  He’s just too lazy or does not have the energy to do it.   You know, sometimes it’s just a matter of investing first on the proper mindset.


What makes successful entrepreneurs succeed? They believe in and actualize their idea.  The willingness to do the work until the goal is accomplished makes a huge difference.

For sure you got something running in your mind that’s why you are here reading this.  You are looking for ways on how you can put that idea into action.

Start On Developing The Proper Mindset

Knowing your skills and your strength is very important, but that’s not all.  Finding a purpose, knowing your goal is just as important.  And for most of us, finding the purpose is the hardest.  Most end up seeing themselves cornered and trapped at that moment.  Not knowing how to escape, they end giving up.

Having the right mindset will not just enable you to find your goal, but will allow you to shift and get out of your comfort zone.  Thinking of getting into the business makes you foresee better days, but there will be difficult times which you must not allow to intimidate you.   Don’t let failures and challenges make you give up.  It ’s not having any fear of failure, but instead using this fear as a motivation to learn, for fear is part of every entrepreneur’s journey.

But how can you cultivate a mindset such as this?

Take Your Fear As A Vitamin You Need In Order To Grow

As I said earlier, fear is part of the journey, meaning you cannot get rid of it.  Instead of fearing fear, let it work to your advantage.  Whether it’s fear of speaking, rejection, failure, or anything of the unknown, you must muster up the courage to face, confront, and use it to drive yourself to be more innovative and work harder until you find yourself conquering your fear.


Learn The Game And Get Into It

Don’t just watch videos on how to.  Don’t just read these tips.  Learn by applying what you have watched and read.  Put everything into action.  Implement the ideas and be creative (but realistic).  Experiment on it and experience and have a taste of how it is to become an entrepreneur.   Fail if you need to, but be sure to learn from that failure.

Life is continuous learning.  Be sure to learn from the right people.

Jump Off Those Barriers

Successful business people are aware that there are barriers along the way.   They think ahead, and instead of getting stressed, they find ways on how to get past through them.  They believe that these blockades are opportunities waiting to be revealed.  Obstacles are there to train you, make you more onerous, and turn you to become an achiever.

No entrepreneur begins they journey knowing it all.  They learn over time from their mistakes and by surrounding themselves with people who can help them grow.


Almost everybody dreamt of having their own business.  Almost everybody has ideas in their mind that can be turned into a successful business.  The problem is that they don’t dare to put their ideas into something tangible.  They fear many things.  They have many what ifs.  I read in one book that sometimes the problem is not procrastination, but ego.  They have the idea, and they take pride in that.  The idea remains an idea, simply because they do not know where or how to start, and will never dare to ask someone to help them.

The idea of wanting to be an entrepreneur is within you.  All you need is to find the courage to switch your way of thinking to an entrepreneurial mindset which can be learned, practiced, and developed into a habit.

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