2015 New York Senior Citizen Welfare Symposium: How To Help Elders Age Independently

When the invitation for the 2015 New York Senior Citizen Welfare Symposium came to my mail, I must admit I didn’t even think of going at first. My only concern back then was traveling and finding jobs that could fund my escapades. However, my grandmother saw it while visiting my place, and she wanted to attend it, so I had no choice but to join the event with her.

It is safe to say at this point that the conference opened my eyes to the importance of looking after our elderly loved ones without making them feel disabled. My nana, for instance, insisted on living in her own home, regardless of how much her kids asked her to move in with them. She said that she did not require much assistance, that being old did not mean she could not do things by herself.

If you know a senior citizen who has similar views, here’s what you can do to help them age independently.

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1. Deliver Their Necessities Regularly

While an elderly individual wants to live alone, you can talk to him or her into letting you get their groceries and other essentials for them. The heavy traffic even in small cities can hassle them, you see. Plus, it may be difficult to carry the items back to the house on their own. Hence, you should deliver their necessities personally instead.

2. Make Sure The Elderly Knows Where To Get What Item

Some senior citizens prefer arranging stuff at home on their own, but others may find the task too challenging at a certain age. Considering your parent or grandparent is more like the latter, you need to place the most important items, e.g., snacks, water, or medicine, in easy-to-reach places. You should remind them of where you put such things every time you leave too to keep them from forgetting it.

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3. Talk To Them Often

Lastly, you should bear in mind that an older adult’s decision to not live with their children does not mean that they want to be left alone. They get lonely too – that’s for sure. Because of that, you ought to develop a habit of calling him or her at least once a day to see how and what they’re doing or merely tell them about your day. It is ideal to visit the senior citizen often as well so that you can have a lengthy conversation in person.

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