Psychologists Approve: Know 2 Outstanding Businessmen In Different Parts Of The Globe And Get Inspired By Them


Psychologists tend to say that we need people who can set a positive example in our lives. Some folks interpret it by thinking that only their friends and family members are all they need, though. In truth, even the individuals you have not rubbed elbows with can be your role models. Think of these two outstanding businessmen in different parts of the globe, for instance.

Marc Sparks: More Than Just A Serial Entrepreneur

Marc Sparks is one of the select individuals on the planet who has shown through his relentless perseverance and willingness to acquire new ideologies that a person’s success does not entirely depend on his or her educational attainment.

Growing Up Years

Austin, Texas is a dear place for Marc Sparks for this is where he was raised and had simultaneously received his high school diploma in 1975 and began to lead or create new businesses. Even though not all of these initial startups were profitable, more than three decades already passed since then, and those failures made up the whole formula that resulted to the achievements that he is and will be experiencing.

His Companies

Marc Sparks deserves to be called as a serial entrepreneur since his innate brilliance has led him to own various companies that remain to do well for years. The first one, the Timber Creek Capital, was established in  2000. This is a private equity firm whose specialty is offering entrepreneurial aid to a wide range of industries. The services that they can deliver include (but are not limited to) web development, graphic design, bookkeeping, office equipment, and marketing.

From Timber Creek Capital’s conception, Marc Sparks continued to purchase or build notable firms. Some of the companies that are associated with him are:

  • Splash Media, which specializes in providing marketing services that make use of technological advancements, as well as a search engine, optimized keywords;
  • Cobalt Real Estate Services, which offers commercial and residential spaces within the state of Texas;
  • Blue Jays Wireless whose ultimate focus is on giving people with credit card issues the opportunity to call and text others through prepaid devices; and
  • Cardinal Telecom, LLC, which distributes mobile phones nationwide.

Besides, a couple of his latest businesses are the Bonn Oir, a manufacturing company that creates artisan vodka, and Uncle Marc Food Delivery that aims to help restaurants bring their consumers’ orders faster.


His Philanthropy

As a self-made entrepreneur, Marc Sparks ensures to share his blessings to the underprivileged, especially in Texas where The Samaritan Inn, a shelter that caters to homeless people, lies. He also helps send individuals who want to change their lives for the better in school and is humbled whenever the news about the great kind of life they are leading reaches him.

Moreover, Marc Sparks is deeply committed to the Habitat for Humanity and the American Can! Academy. He has personally exerted time and effort in building houses for the former while giving support to the latter in any way he can. Marc has a foundation as well that is known as Sparky’s Kids, and its role in the community is to provide thousands of computers to impoverished children.

How Vijay Eswaran Succeeded with QI Group

Business hardships can take any man down, but not Vijay Eswaran, an entrepreneur originating from India who has embraced all the rough roads in his entrepreneurial journey without stopping and been given the CEO of the Year award by the Malaysian Business Awards (MBA) in 2013.

What Is QI Group?

QI Group of Companies is a business empire that Vijay Eswaran has created along with a few skilled partners, and they have institutions located in various parts of the Asia-Pacific region. The kind of services that the corporation offers touches a wide range of industries for the reason that they started with direct selling and moved on to add logistics, financial management, luxurious accessories, real estate, and leisure in the fray. Now, they even have their university in Malaysia which they are planning to be the start of the QI City that makes eco-friendly transportation, among other things, available to its inhabitants.


How Did He Build The QI Group?

According to Vijay, the company could not have been made possible without the backing of real people whose business ideals were the same as his. At the time, he did not have enough funds to begin his entrepreneurial journey, and all he had was the support of his wife. The partnership he had allowed the direct selling concept to kick off, and it paved the way towards where he and his corporation is currently standing in.

What Makes Him Successful?

Apart from the right business choices he makes, Vijay Eswaran’s kindness to his employees is paying off well. Based on an interview he gave to a publication, he lives by the words that his father taught him as a kid – “Service about self.” This is what he has implemented within the offices and ingrained in the workers’ hearts and minds so that even though they are managing multinational establishments, it is as if they are still handling a small company where everyone knows and has mutual respect. He dedicated the achievement that he received from the MBA three years back to all the people he’s working with and said that his success is as good as theirs.

Final Thoughts

Marc Sparks and Vijay Eswaran may be playing in different fields, but there’s no hiding the truth that they are both hugely successful businessmen. It will be great if you can learn from them and start fulfilling your career goals. Good luck!

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