Things You Shouldn’t Do When Starting A Business (Part II)


Yes, you can usually get a lot of advice that seems too generic. A lot of entrepreneurs can potentially help you understand how businesses work, as well. You can learn from these people’s experiences and all.

But the examples of errors that you can learn from these business owners are more important than anything else. These are the things that allow analysis and explanation of why businesses fail, especially the startups ones.

Jumping In The Wrong Partnership

Perhaps you already heard a lot of people say that the way to grow your business is by getting into a partnership. Yes, that is true. A lot of entrepreneurs are working hand-in-hand with different people who share the same vision and mission as them. But what creates a problem is that when business owners often jump into an untimely partnership.

Not because people are interested and capable of learning things that you can do; it does not give an assurance that the business connection you will make with them will last. A lot of things can happen, and when the business fails, that is where the partnership also crumbles.

You need to understand that being in a business partnership is like marriage.  You will have to live and deal with the other person’s possible cases of being incapable, incompetent, and unreliable.

Operating In A Bubble

It is not wrong to figure things out yourself. Honestly, you need to do it from time to time. However, it is not okay that you allow yourself to find solutions in the bubble. If you want to grow as an entrepreneur and create an impacting business, you need to learn to understand your emotions and mental strength.


No, you do not always have to put in a good face to save yourself from the opinions of others. A lot of entrepreneurs will advise you that you should always stay firm with your emotional and mental state. However, you do not always have to.

It is okay to breakdown and cry for the whole stupid reason for not finding a solution. You do not have to pretend that you are not struggling in your business. It is okay not to know what to do. You can always think about something at some point.

Starting A Product

As much as you want to achieve a growing business, the idea of starting a product often leads to getting back with money issues. If achievable, you have to think about getting profitable as soon as possible.

So if you are trying to build a company that produces products, you might want to consider the effort, time, and money you will have to spend. Consider that it can wait and hang in the air.


You may hear a lot of business companies that investing a lot of cash is the right way. However, that is the failing stage of the beginning. The idea of putting too much on the line often results in you having nothing to keep.

Starting up a business can be easy and complicated at the same time. But the right and realistic lessons are the ones that will get you there.

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