Education 101: School Systems’ Problems


You do not need to look through the entire school system only to find out that there is something wrong with it. On most occasions, the problem is visible. Just imagine this; you send out your kids to school to prepare them for the real world.

However, the pacing is changing genuinely rapid. There is the fast-developing technology along with improved societal network connections. Honestly, there seems to be no issue with that because children in the current generation are more adaptive. However, what is not changing is the school system’s problems.

The Sad reality

For hundreds of years, our school system hasn’t changed that much. With the current educational system, the mere goal of schools is to create employees in the future. Meaning, those industrial lessons somehow focus on training students to become better factory workers. No offense meant on that statement, though.

But the industrial age mentality is the one that keeps students from thinking outside the box. The thing is, learning is not about mass control and mass production. It should have to be a creation that supports evolution. But the school system ignores that fundamental idea of growth. What is more unfortunate is that people do nothing about it.

Schools educate people by batches. Perhaps it is due to the convenience and easy way of getting students to understand one particular subject. All-day long, the students do nothing but follow the rules and instructions. That is how the schools’ program students to function.


A funnier thing is that these individuals are being rewarded with their behavior and sometimes not with their performance. You see, these are the goal of schools potentially making robots out of humans. It is like setting up an idea that progress is only obtainable by doing things that were told.

Making Ends Meet But Still Not Working

In today’s developing generation, the industrial age is trying to adjust itself in modern ways of learning. That is good because there is the reality that the stagnant process of teaching is nowhere efficient anymore. Though there are schools that still practice the industrial age learning process, there are some that adapt values and creativity.

It is where schools are making ends meet by allowing students to communicate and express their ideas. There is the encouragement of collaboration and multiple behavioral approaches.

However, kids who are starting to learn do not often achieve that growth. That is because the school system still processes the industrial age values where students should focus ONLY on following instructions.


So imagine how the students can go far from just following orders and instructions. Every minute of children’s life is essential in learning and adapting. So when it gets tightly controlled by a system that dresses up as an educational advantage, there is no room for improvement on that matter.

Life in school is different for those children who want to learn and live their lives. Honestly, not all will agree. But the educational system is trying to send the world boring, demotivated, and unencouraged individuals.

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