Save And Be Saved: How Not To Depend On Paycheck To Paycheck

Are you someone who lives from paycheck to paycheck?  Well, you’re not alone.   A survey says that even those earning six digits admit that they also live paycheck to paycheck.  They tend to spend their paycheck once it becomes available in their account.  They don’t save, they get stressed, and yet reluctant to talk about it.



Your Parents Will One Day Get Old (Are You Prepared?)

Life expectancy has doubled in number as compared to centuries ago which according to historians is just between 30 and 40 years.  People can now enjoy life longer, and some are able to live past 80 years.  One reason for this is the good quality of health care received by countries globally.


Barriers To Giving Our Children Quality Education

Raised by parents who never had the privilege of getting an education, my siblings and I were forced to finish a degree.  My parents worked very hard just to be able to send us to the best universities.   They believe that getting us educated, having a degree from a prestigious school will take us out of poverty.  We will never live the life they lived.